Mark Storms
President/CEO, MCS Consulting, LLC

Mark brings an extensive background of 30 years in Retail Management within multiple companies, formats, and regions within the United States and overseas.

He has held key Management Roles within Major National Retail Companies including Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Wakefern/Shoprite Supermarkets in disciplines of Operations, Merchandising, and Marketing, at the executive level.

Mark is recognized within the industry as an accomplished executive with a consistent strong record of financial operating successes. His coaching and teaching management style has built lasting relationships between retailers, their employees and suppliers.

Jack Trowell
Partner/North East-Regional Manager, MCS Consulting, LLC

Jack has over 35 years experience in the supermarket industry, holding key retail and wholesale management positions including Meat/Seafood Director and Category Procurement Manager. During this time, he was instrumental in setting standards for industry leaders i.e. Hannaford Bros. Co. and Wakefern/Shoprite Supermarkets. He is the author of an internationally used training and standards measurement system geared specifically for perishables.

Owner, Cromwell Manor Inn
In 2001, Jack purchased Cromwell Manor Inn, a large Bed & Breakfast in Cornwall, New York. Under his ownership, sales have doubled, the Inn has received international recognition and it was accepted as one of the Top 10 Inns of New York.

Advisory Board

John Cloe
President, ProductivityONE

John is an internationally recognized retail methods engineer and merchandising strategist within the grocery, super center, mass and drug channels. John is a 16 year retail management veteran with a solid background in multi-billion dollar retail operations, merchandising and finance. He now leads ProductivityOneís sales and labor initiatives around the world.

Partial Clients List includes: Bilo supermarkets, Food City, Galaxy supermarkets, Harris Teeter, H.E.B., IGA, Kmart, Publix, Supervalu, Ukropís, 7-eleven, Little Ceasarís and Sterling Jewelers.

Charlie Moro
President-Founder, CFS Consulting Group

Charlie is a 30 year industry professional having held key management roles in Merchandising and Operations at Wakefern/ShopRite Supermarkets, Super Target and Tree of Life Specialty Distributors at the executive level.

Charlie led Super Targetís start-up team in defining initial non-perishable merchandising strategies in Grocery, Dairy, Frozen, Liquor and Specialty Foods. He also managed the growth of Targetís Archer Farms Private Label from inception ongoing for 5 years.

He now leads in the development and execution of Sales and Marketing Initiatives for Start-up companies within Natural and Specialty Markets.

Jim Brennan
CFO at Tekserve, T2 Computing, and Ground Control Solutions

Jim has over 25 years experience in corporate finance roles at the executive level within Food Service, Hospitality, Specialty and Discount Retailing as well as Office Products Distribution and Real Estate Management. His experience provides for financial planning and budgeting, cash, inventory and receivable management, financing and leasing, along with comprehensive financial reporting.

Darrell Genthner
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Noble Worldwide Marketing

Darrell has 35 years of retail experience in perishable merchandising within multiple channels, formats and regions within the United States. He has held key management positions within major retail companies including: The Great A&P Tea Co., Carrefour, Wakefern/Shoprite Supermarkets and Farm Fresh Supermarkets.

Darrell led the project team at A&P in the their initial launch of Fresh Category Management, being the first domestic retailer to use Fresh Syndicated Data as benchmark for perishable business plans.

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